Merry Old England

How did this get planning permission?
Back home from Spain with a bang into a freezing but clear winter day. And off to see some very, very English sites: Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral.
I’ve never actually been to Stonehenge before. It is worth seeing up close but it is hard to understand why it is quite so famous. All the potential eerieness and mysticism of the location is completely undermined by the busy A road that passes nearby. Nothing screams “ancient druid” and “mysterious rituals” quite like an Eddie Stobart lorry taking washing machine parts to Bournemouth.
Some weird rocks
Salisbury Cathedral, in comparison, entirely exceeded expectations. Having visited the giant, glorious Seville Cathedral only a couple of days before I was expecting to find Salisbury Cathedral quite underwhelming.
Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral
In fact, I though it was great. One of the prettiest of all England’s Cathedrals. (And possibly the only one where a Prime Minister has played the organ.)
The Nave
The clean lines and uncluttered interior were a refreshing change from the ostentation of Seville’s Catholic grandeur.
Bishop's View
Another unexpected upside is the most intact of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta which is kept in the Cathedral’s Chapter house. Of course, you are not allowed to take pictures of it in case you steal its soul allowing King John to come back from the dead. Or something.
Salisbury Cathedral
Definitely worth visiting. Salisbury itself is also quite a photogenic town with all the coffee shops you would expect in a scenic place within the day trip vicinity of London.
Stonehenge and Salisbury 079


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